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Cyber Training Academy

“Providing local and national organisations with simplified access to world class cyber security training and education programs”

The Cyber Training Academy will:

  • train all levels of the cyber workforce;
  • work to raise awareness at secondary school level;
  • and provide formal training at the technical, professional and C-suite level.

The Academy will leverage existing training material from a number of organisations, including from local and overseas universities, where possible and will also develop specific training courses where gaps in the market are identified.

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One-Stop Training Portal

The Centre will establish a Training Portal which will provide access to selected training and education courses in cyber security, delivered by members and partners and aligned to the NICE framework.

Training Certification

The A3C will partner with Registered Training Organisations (RTO) where required ensuring all training is delivered to industry standards.

Simulation Based Testing

The Academy has the capacity to conduct real-time simulations of cyber attacks using the A3C’s Cyber Test Range.

On-line, Classroom and Blended Training Delivery

The Centre will facilitate the development and delivery of training solutions that optimise the value of the organisation’s investment in training, and will offer a range of learning opportunities in a variety of study modes including:

  • online and workplace delivery;
  • training in cyber awareness;
  • tailored C-Suite courses;
  • technical training in security design for software and hardware;
  • team-based training e.g. Computer Incident Response Teams and Security Operations Centre Teams;
  • insider threat detection.