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Cyber Test Range

“World class training and testing infrastructure to reduce the cost and time required to ensure products and services are cyber secure”.

The Cyber Test Range is a facility that organisations can use to carry out security testing of equipment or network configurations in the knowledge that their production networks are safe from interference.

The Range will be resourced with the tools and skilled operators to complement existing capabilities in small to medium enterprises (SMEs). It will provide a mix of internet facing and isolated networks for local cyber startups to showcase their tools to their fullest in a safe environment.

The Range will also provide capabilities for SMEs, researchers and government to collaborate. It will allow cyber security devices, software and techniques to be introduced into the environment for certification, or standards-based testing to be performed, to help products to market.


Flexible Range Configurations

The infrastructure will support various real-world and isolated training and testing scenarios.

  • various flexible network and vulnerable machine topologies;
  • accommodate for unclassified BYOD/server;
  • accommodate for unclassified hybrid on-site/off site events; and
  • provide an isolated non-internet connected “air-gapped network” located within the Zone 4 facility for customers requiring additional isolation.

Range Attacks

The range will provide a variety of vulnerable systems, network configurations, identity/access integration, for individuals and team-based simulations.

Modern world game play events can be located at the centre or organisations can utilise the range to connect remotely into local/national & global events.

Business continuity and disaster recovery (Immediate Response, Public Relations/Marketing, Remediation Activities, Incident/Activity Post-Mortem, BCP/DRP High Level Planning, Incident Response and change/problem management).

Range Testing

A3C will have the capability to develop testing scenarios, assessments and prepare evaluation reports.

  • Desktop change and new system integration simulations.
  • Wireless vulnerabilities hardware testing, vulnerability assessments of embedded systems, software and firmware testing, periodic testing.

Testing Assistance and Access to Researchers and third parties

The Range provides a range of support measures including:

  • on-site staff, Academy and Range methodologies and access to partner organisations;
  • member resources (remote and local access available)
  • tests which identify, and help close, exposed vulnerabilities;
  • strategies to reduce costs and improve schedules.


“Enabling Collaboration to solve significant cyber problems”.

Remove Collaboration Barriers

The Partnership Agreement structure provides commercial protection and the construct that defines the Collaboration model and the Partner commitments to being part of it. It enables programs to be run in parallel that are complimentary and non-competitive, where the Partner defines how the Collaboration IP is applied per program.

Collaborative Environment

Virtual and physical environments that stimulates complementary businesses working collaboratively to solve complex problems through formal and informal approaches and designs.

Community Knowledge Bank

The A3C Cyber Range shares experience and approaches through:

  • a ‘one stop’ portal and collaboration area;
  • engagement with researchers, the security community and industry;
  • access to standards, methodologies and skills;
  • engagement with other industry experts and vendors.