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About The Australian Cyber Collaboration Centre (A3C)

Leading the creation and sustainability of Australia’s cyber community. Creating solutions by championing collaboration, innovation, entrepreneurship and enterprise.

We are a mission-driven, not-for-profit organisation that is committed to using our knowledge and expertise to make cyberspace a better, and safer, place for organisations, corporations, agencies and institutions to do business – now and into the future.

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A3C Missions


Provide best practice, full spectrum cyber courses to quickly increase the supply of skilled workers to the industry.


Help enterprises test hardware and software and launch new products & services to global markets.


Build cyber awareness and resilience in Australian corporates, small to medium enterprises (SME) and government.


Solve real-world cyber challenges through collaboration.

The Australian Cyber Collaboration Centre will:

  • house a Cyber Academy and Cyber Test Range facility
  • provide physical spaces for collaboration
  • provide a range of cyber infrastructure to support product testing and training
  • provide access to and delivery of training courses
  • raise awareness of cybersecurity careers and increase the supply of skilled workers
  • and lift the skills of workers to meet industry requirements and standards.

Find Us

The A3C is located at Lot Fourteen in the heart of Adelaide, a city recognized as one of the world’s most progressive places. Lot Fourteen has become a globally significant nucleus of diverse yet connected industries, and a place where businesses can start, grow and thrive.

This seven-hectare innovation neighbourhood is bringing together innovators from across the world to share spaces, experiences and most of all ideas.

Location details:

Level 1
Eleanor Harrald Building
Lot Fourteen
Frome Road